Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lock and Load Week 1

Lock and Load Week 1

So Here We Go! (Raid 1 5.0.4)
This is how the normal blog week to week will look, just had some extended thoughts on my testing!

Tuesday came up quick this week with Labor Day being on Monday for all the US folk, and after a weekend of Cheetos and soda, I was ready to see what it was going to be like to finally get some raiding in. I have a couple of goals with these last 3 raids here before MoP.

1. Take everything as a learning experience for these new talents, focus less on meters, and more on execution.
2. Pay attention to certain mechanics and how your new spells interact with them.
3. Get acquainted with Beast Mastery, and how it currently feels, although it will feel much different come MoP, I think learning is the most important part of these raids.
4.Personal goal of mine, get acquainted with the new guild, would hate to go into a new raid tier being the new quiet guy.

Everything you need to know pertaining to current boss fights in Dragon Soul is already out there, google your issue, I’m not going to cover boss by boss fights.

What I wanted to cover this week is CD usage, and how we can get the most out of them. From any testing I do, it seems with the amount of cooldowns currently in play for Horde Hunters is pretty crazy. From shortest to longest: Kill Command, Dire Beast, Beastial Wrath, Rabid, Lynx Rush, Blood Fury (Orcs), Rapid Fire/Berserking (Trolls), Readiness, and Blood Lust/Heroism/Time Warp. With all of these cooldowns how do we make the most out of them? What is the right time to use x y or z? Should I want on a till c is off cooldown? A lot of these questions still havn’t been answered and a lot of the answers, in my opinion, lie on how your raid is using their blood lust for the given fight. There are 3 potential ways for blood lust to be used. 1. On the pull of the fight (Ultraxion) 2. At some random point in the fight (Yor’sahj) 3. At a specific point in the fight (Morchok, Zonozz)

1.      Lust/Hero/Warp on the Pull of the Fight
So, your pre pot is up, lust is up what do you do next, well obviously waiting on any CD at the beginning of the fight can turn into a loss, and everything outside of haste effect CD’s should be used immediately. BW, Rabid, Lynx, DB, and Blood Fury (For Orcs) all up as quickly as the globals allow you. KC off CD of course, while keeping serpent up with the occasional CS’s. Once lust falls you would then want to get RF and for trolls berserking up as quickly as possible. BW is up once RF falls and you go for BW2 at the 1 minute mark. Normal priority through here keeping SS up at all times. At 90 seconds you get Lynx 2 + Rabid 2 off CD IMMEDIATELY. At 120 Seconds you get BW 3. This is where it gets fun. At 180 Seconds if everything has been hit off CD like it’s suppose to be hit. Lynx 3, Rabid 3, and BW 4 will all line up at that moment. All off CD when they are up together with your 2nd potion,  followed by readiness and all again once BW drops. All of this combined with Kill Shots, combine for some oh so sweet burst to finish a fight.

2.      At Some Random Point in the Fight
So this is something you can’t really predict, and at the point where you should be doing the most DPS you are getting an external haste CD (Lust) so treat it as if you were hitting a target dummy, you don’t have control over when this lust may happen, when the right combination occurs for the raid can be completely random. Aim to get that 180 second mark mentioned above, where you can hit a huge set of CD’s all in a small window late in the fight.

3.      At a Specific Point in the Fight
So you know the rough time frame you have before and after the time where your blood lust is going to be used for the raid. This can be tricky as to how CD’s are managed. If Lust will not be within the first minute of the fight, getting your readiness on CD as quickly as possible seems to be the best way to get the most out of it. I need to do more testing to really see the best way to go about this.
My questions with this are:
What CD’s need to be popped immediately, only BW+lynx and DB, for the sake of Readiness, should BW+Lynx+DB+RF all be put onto CD as quickly as possible? Then separated afterwards?
How do things line up late in the fight if I use all at the same time? If I don’t?

Everything said above is my initial CD findings, and always subject to change in the future J

Logs from this week: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-1w1rbfkvjo9grd7g/

Yes, it’s a lot to take in. But, let’s be honest fellow hunters, we are willing to put up with more bullshit talents, that are pretty unattractive and have a lot of randomness to them, because it’s what we have done all of cataclysm. We put up the bullshit Blizzard hands us and we turn it into flowers. I don't claim to be the best, or put up world class rankings, but I work hard at this art. The art of our rotation can be more complex, because when we figure it out, every fight will be like painting a picture with your mouse and keyboard and it’s what I love about this class and this game.

-Divine (Peachy Keen US Stormreaver)

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