Friday, February 8, 2013

Lock and Load - Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok

Lock and Load
Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok
I've fallen behind a bit on these blogs, and I always say I'm going to get back to doing them full time and just seem to fail to catch up. So here we go, 4 blogs in the next couple of days covering the past few weeks of heroic kills. 

This fight, for a good player, can be one of the absolute most frustrating fights you may ever encounter. Your entire raid team needs to know how to handle the mechanics of the Muted Construct, and the people outside really need to know how to throttle damage up and down. We wiped on this fight several times due to people either killing the construct too quickly, or people not knowing how or when to use their Amber Strike properly. We used 2 tanks, and had a melee DPS taunting the construct ~5 seconds before flings to keep the monstrosity in place. You also tank the monstrosity near a pillar in the front of the room to keep your tanks from getting knocked all over the place with the stomp. I think survival is a hunter's best choice for this fight. It's also the one fight you can say, being a scumbag is ok for progression. Multi-shot your way to some high damage and a fight that can be a lot of fun.

Here are my Survival talents for this fight:
1: Crouching Tiger Hidden Chimera
2: Your choice
2: Aspect of the Iron Hawk
1: Fervor
1: A Murder of Crows
2: Barrage

Basically for this fight I considered myself a melee class. When the "Ranged on adds" calls came out, I usually maintained sticking to the boss/construct and nuking them down, while cleaving off with multi-shots when I would hit 3+ targets. I used a combination of BA and explosive trap, mainly using BA during phase 2 for the single target damage on the monstrosity. Make sure you A Murder of Crows the boss in phase 1, monstrosity in phase 2, and the boss in phase 3. You do this because no other targets will be alive for more than 30 seconds. Make sure your tank left in the suit for phase 2 continues to keep stacks on the boss as well as refreshing stacks when needed on the monstrosity. Going into P3 the boss will actually just melt if you do the fight correctly to this point. This is where BM makes the argument of being a better choice for this fight. I honestly don't feel it would be worth it, as you wouldn't even get your full 36 second burst in during this phase (Yes if done right, it's that short). You still burst extremely higher as SV, especially if you can carry a LnL into this phase. Make sure you don't attack the boss too early as he is still taking his huge reduced damage till he is done channeling in the middle of the room. Overall this isn't a bad fight for hunters, and a great fight to practice those scumbag techniques for future farm content. Here is a video from a mage PoV, forgot to record on the kill! Will try to get a video of our kill next week!

Oh yea, we only had 24 people in the raid group..

-Divinespeed <LA> (US) Stormrage

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