Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hurricane Woes

Lock and Load

Our raid group, like plenty of others had to lose a lot of raid time due to the hurricane. What a bad week for this to happen as well. New raid released and we were hoping to get in a start issuing out some tier. We ended up splitting into a couple of 10m's to at least get the chance to see some of the new content. Here's my synapses of the first 3 fights. 

Vizier is an interesting fight that really isn't that interesting. Dodge some rings, stack in some bubbles, break some mind controls, repeat and the boss falls over. It's a pretty decent fight for us and with use of  some single target nuking the fight was a quick kill. Blade Lord has some interesting mechanics that are very predictable with use of DBM timers and good raid positioning, this fight again was a relatively quick kill.

Now to speak on Garalon. The enrage on this boss was moved back the Wednesday after the raid was released because it was simply too tight for a normal raid encounter. To speak on hunters on this fight I'll keep it short. Get ready to be sat if something isn't changed. Cleave classes like rogues, warriors, fire mages, and multi dotting classes will be doing 2-3x the amount of damage we can do. We aren't fit for this type of fight, and I really don't see there being anything we can do about it. I'm almost positive I will play my shaman for this encounter, as hunters just can't push out the required damage.

Sorry for the short blog this week, been a crazy crazy week. Also, my Sony Vegas is having some weird issues when I updated it, and I can't open the program. So no new videos for a little bit.

Divinespeed - <LA> Stormrage (US)

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